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Friday, January 21, 2005

Redefining The American Dream: The Movement to End Private Property Rights

Freedom, individualism, self-determination, and privacy are core American values. According to a Dutch study of 40 countries, Americans are the most individualistic culture in the world. As a matter of fact, individualism stands out in every study as a primary American value. The very foundations of America were based on the quest for individual religious freedom, which was carried out by rugged pioneers who left home and family to open America’s west. America’s mythology has always been a love affair with the dream of wide-open spaces – the frontier – and the promise of land ownership. Americans, as do other people, also prize community as an important value. But until recently, most Americans would never allow group identity to overpower the individual. The dawn of the HOA age, with the devastating pitfalls of common ownership, has brought many Americans into direct conflict with their core American values. Today most Americans are blissfully unaware that that there is a concerted effort among many alliances to do away with private land ownership in favor of communal land ownership. Unless we act now, we are on the verge of losing most of our cherished property rights!

The American Dream is the embodiment of America’s core values. That dream is largely defined in terms of every American’s hoped for prized possession –the family home built on family owned land. According to Andrew Schoenholtz, Deputy Director of the Georgetown University Institute for the Study of International Migration, immigrants see home ownership as The American Dream, and they are three times as likely as other adults to rank home buying as their top priority. Unfortunately, The American Dream kind of homeownership is becoming harder and harder to find in today’s America. According to recent statistics, homeowner associations govern four out of five houses built since the late 1990s. As a matter of fact, for many homeowners the HOA common ownership nightmare has much in common with parts of the world immigrants to American are trying to escape!

Home ownership, and the housing industry in general, is often cited as the chief means by which many utopian social engineers plan to change our culture from a market economy to a nation that ranks communal values miles above the “excesses of individualism”. The well-founded notion is that if you change America’s housing dynamics, you change the community and community values, and eventually you change The American Dream. All it takes to make total communal ownership the preferred trend in housing is the alliance of private industry, government, and community interests groups.

To be continued . . .